Digital Strategy Development and Execution

We provide strategy development and execution services to improve digital experiences for our clients, including the creation of advanced digital platforms, innovative digital capabilities, simplified integration frameworks, and digital reference architectures.

How do you make fintech innovation happen?

Fintech innovation is challenging. It takes excellence at both strategy and execution plus market knowledge and technical expertise. It’s rare to find those competencies in one place; hard do in-house and harder still to do alone.

First, uncover non-obvious opportunities that exist beyond your line of sight. Then, focus experts and resources to build and launch your innovation to a ready-made, receptive audience.

With decades of experience defining and launching award winning fintech innovations, Xtensifi gives you insider’s access to what’s working, what’s not and what’s next across the financial services technology marketplace. We link ideation to implementation to ensure success. Our knowledge, experience and execution excellence make fintech innovation a safer bet for you and your customers.

We’re not satisfied until we earn the right for Xtensifi to be considered a trusted extension of your team.

You’ll see that fintech innovation may not be easy, but partnering with Xtensifi is an easy choice.

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Strategic Consulting

Xtensifi’s brand of strategy is ”operational strategy” which links innovation from concept inception to smoother implementations, responsive operational support and better customer experience.

Technology Execution

Making fintech innovation happen is about doing, not just thinking. Innovation without implementation is no more than day-dreaming. Our team of expert technologists, designers and developers works alongside yours to lift strategies off the page and bring them to digital life.

Our Approach

Xtensifi’s approach includes use of a proven innovation process model that can be consistently applied across projects. Moreover, our experience spans not only research, user experience design and business strategy, but also architecture and management of successful software development projects.

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