Near-Shore versus Offshore Development: Which is Better?

Companies can save a great deal of money on technology projects when they choose to outsource development. When selecting an outsourced development team, companies can look close to home, or they can save even more money by seeking out offshore or “near-shore” developers. Like this:Like Loading

Bridging the Technology Gap Between the Front and Back Offices

As banks increasingly focus on customer experience, they are seeking to work around legacy back-office systems that often impede digitized customer journeys. These legacy systems are core systems and thus not easily replaced—a total replacement can be likened to a human heart transplant. Rather than take this radical step, financial institutions are replacing existing services incrementally,

Why Financial Institutions Should Embrace Architecture Assessments

An organization’s technology infrastructure is vital to its success. Just as we humans should take an annual physical exam, a company’s architecture needs to be periodically assessed to ensure its health. An effective architecture assessment can determine whether a company’s current technology stack can support and advance its needs and

How Bankers Can Bridge the Digital Payments Gap from B2C to B2B

Financial institutions have come a long way in digitizing payments and payment processes, and many offer robust solutions for P2P (person to person/peer to peer) and B2C (business to consumer) payments. B2B (business to business) payments, however, are still dominated by checks and cumbersome processes, partly due to a technology

The Keys to Avoiding Vendor Lock-In

In today’s marketplace, technology develops at lightning speed, and the payments technology market is evolving especially fast. Financial institutions’ payment solutions need to keep up with this pace, yet many FIs cannot move nimbly to new capabilities because they are locked in with vendors through long-term contracts. A five- to

Digital Account Opening: More than Convenience for Customers

The ability to open financial accounts digitally—online, via mobile device, or (preferably) both—is in high demand among bank customers. The traditional account opening process is usually a cumbersome one that requires a visit to the branch to close the deal. But today’s customers—especially younger ones—are branch-averse and want to do

Xtensifi Announces New Development Center in Costa Rica

ATLANTA, August 21, 2018 – Xtensifi, a digital consulting firm that enables financial institutions to create and execute their mobile and online strategies, today announced plans for the addition of a development center in Costa Rica. Responding to increased market demand for its services, Xtensifi is growing its team of

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