Voice is the new UI

According to Gartner Group, 75% of households will have a voice command system in place by 2020. Additionally, IMS Research predicts 55% of all new vehicles will include Voice Recognition by 2019. That’s only 32 months and 17 months away, respectively. With over 18 million Echos and 11 million Google Homes in circulation already, there’s clearly demand for this capability. A little more than 15 months ago Capital One became the first financial institution to offer an Alexa skill, with a

Welcome to Xtensifi!

Who is Xtensifi? Xtensifi is the new name for the consulting business that was formerly known as Mobile Strategy Partners. Founded in 2009, Mobile Strategy Partners (MSP) provided extensive strategic consulting and technical execution services to a wide variety of banks, credit unions, financial services providers and other organizations, powering their success with sound mobile strategies as well as fintech innovations. In 2015 MSP founded Gro Solutions, Inc., a digital sales platform, which was spun off as a separate entity after raising a