Open Banking Enablement

The world of open banking has and will continue to evolve over the next several years, and it’s critical for financial institutions and fintech firms to embrace this innovation to be competitive in the market. These changes address and balance security and privacy, as well as access to information in a way that mobilizes data to the benefit of the consumer.

Xtensifi helps both financial institutions and fintech organizations define and execute viable and productive solutions.


Download our white paper, The Future of Fintech’s Access to Financial Data with Open Banking: What Open Banking in the U.S. Means for Financial Institutions and Fintech and the Consumers and Small Businesses They Serve.


Built for Financial Institutions.

  • Xtensifi has deep intellectual property and core competencies around back-end integration and API development.
  • We are making successful open banking possible by enabling financial institutions to be the primary hub for when and where consumers and small businesses authorize their data.
  • Consumers and small businesses have greater control over their data and benefit from the trust in their bank or credit union to keep their financial information safer.

Connected for Fintechs.

  • Xtensifi helps to facilitate connections between fintechs and financial institutions that are both legal and compliant.
  • With decades of experience in the financial services industry and understanding how to communicate effectively with FIs, we help fintechs market their products to these organizations.
  • We advise fintechs as they embrace the new technology needed for their financial technology applications to maintain and create value in the marketplace.


Xtensifi is a member of the Financial Data Exchange (FDX), the global industry standard for consumer access to financial records. We have years of open banking knowledge, decades of bank system integration experience, and near-shore development capabilities. To learn more about how we can help your FI move to this new technology with affordable resources, or enable your fintech firm with the know-how to work with these FIs, contact us today.

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