Our Approach

Xtensifi Approach Chart

We bridge the Knowing | Doing Gap.

Our proven “USEful™” process for ideation, innovation and implementation is action oriented, plain spoken and pragmatic–just like us–and it leads to better, more profitable offerings, faster. That’s not the only gap we help you fill. We help you with an understanding of both back-office (B2B) and customer facing technology (B2C) and how to bridge the gap between systems, databases and presentation layers/experience.

We collaborate and co-create. 

Customer intimacy is a core cultural element for Xtensifi and it’s for your benefit. We focus on just a cadre of customers at any given time–choosing to build deeper relationships with fewer–so we can provide each of our clients with the most robust attention and effort. As a result, we have developed relationships so strong that we co-create and have even co-patented technologies with our closest clients. Our focus on building intimate client relationships allow us to better help you build deeper customer relationships with your customers by providing engaging multichannel banking experiences.

We enhance speed and agility.

Xtensifi is like surge capacity for fintech product management and innovation: giving you flexibility to pursue innovation when you need it most. Because we’re focused and nimble, we deliver more for the money, faster.

We give you the inside advantage.

How do you know what ISN’T a good idea? Our plain-speaking, pragmatic team and culture means that we’re as great at filtering ideas as we are at generating them. We provide you with an insider’s view of the latest financial services technologies and a cross-industry perspective on what’s working, what’s not and what’s next.

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