Money 20/20 Recap: Open Banking, AI, and Fintech Partnerships

This year at Money 20/20 USA, William Mills Agency – a public relations and marketing firm for the financial industry – interviewed the Xtensifi team about the biggest themes and takeaways of the conference.  In the video recap below, CEO George Kelley shares his thoughts on Open Banking, AI, and the relationship between banks and fintechs. You’ll also hear from EVP Brandon Kunz on the mobilization of data and the Money 20/20 Hackathon.  

What Banks Need To Know About AI

What Banks Need to Know About AI

As AI (artificial intelligence—machine intelligence that mimics human cognitive abilities such as problem-solving and learning) increasingly becomes a part of our daily lives, banks are discovering how AI can improve the customer experience and boost operational efficiency. Some banks may shy away from a technology that seems too big to grasp, but banks can apply AI discretely, to specific use cases, and still see significant impact.