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Building Customer Loyalty Through Empathetic AI

Building Customer Loyalty Through Empathetic AI

Since the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, financial institutions have accelerated the launch of digital solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to handle additional traffic to customer service centers and compensate for lost branch revenue.  While these services fill urgent gaps in functionality and provide additional sales and servicing options, hasty implementations and programmer bias can negatively impact the user experience and value to the customer.  Empathetic AI or Artificial Empathy (AE) has become the

Data Governance Is The Key To Solving Customer Problems

Regardless of industry, success in business is all about solving customer problems. Financial institutions and FinTech organizations help their customers solve a range of financial problems in areas like budgeting, money movement, wealth management, auto loans and real estate financing. In order to provide more relevant products and experiences they must not only leverage data but have processes in place to update and manage it on an ongoing basis. Predictive problem solving for financial services By gathering customer data, governing its access

Investing in Your FI’s Future: The Building Blocks of Digital Success for Your Bank or Credit Union

The path to digital has been accepted as the road to success for most financial services companies, and for many good reasons. In every bank and credit union bound for success, there is at least one executive who is completely convinced that making this journey will be key to everything management wants to accomplish in the future. In some cases, this executive must sell the vision to the Board of Directors. In many cases, the goal has already been set and

How to Successfully Augment Your Bank’s Digital Team For Effective Implementation of New Fintech Solutions

How to Successfully Augment Your Bank’s Digital Team For Effective Implementation of New Solutions 

Leading bankers are seeking out the innovative solutions that will allow their business to keep up with the rapidly changing world we live in – ones that can help them respond to changing compliance requirements, possible changes in federal legislation that could come with a new administration, and the changing needs of the clientele they serve.     Fortunately, there are a number of innovative new solutions out there, but the process of

The Key to Success with Winning Small Business Customers

The Key to Success with Winning Small Business Customers

At a time where conducting business from a couch or a home office has become the norm, banks have a unique opportunity to find ways to expand their digital presence. The struggle many face is not knowing where to begin.   The most successful banks are attracting new and retaining their current small business customers. So, what is the key to success with winning small business customers?  Making digital