Welcome to Xtensifi!

//Welcome to Xtensifi!

Who is Xtensifi? Xtensifi is the new name for the consulting business that was formerly known as Mobile Strategy Partners. Founded in 2009, Mobile Strategy Partners (MSP) provided extensive strategic consulting and technical execution services to a wide variety of banks, credit unions, financial services providers and other organizations, powering their success with sound mobile strategies as well as fintech innovations.

In 2015 MSP founded Gro Solutions, Inc., a digital sales platform, which was spun off as a separate entity after raising a Series A round in February of this year.

In April of 2017 MSP transformed itself into a holding company by creating Xtensifi LLC to continue carrying out Mobile Strategy Partners’ mission of helping organizations compete by getting their strategy “from PowerPoint to Production.” The new brand is also meant to convey the concept of extending our customers’ capabilities with an emphasis on financial institutions (hence the “fi”), but going beyond a mobile focus to include digital channels and fintech in general. Some of Xtensifi’s specialties include digital banking, digital insurance, payment systems, cloud computing, voice applications, banking compliance, application development and systems integration.

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