Benefits of a Centralized CX Organization

As digital capabilities have grown over the last few decades, digital organizations have also grown albeit in an organic, and not always scalable, way. We now live in a time where daily digital interactions exponentially outnumber any other channel, making it the primary vehicle for most brands to reach their

Developing Digital Investment Strategies that Transform the Customer Experience

Developing Digital Investment Strategies that Transform the Customer Experience

Regardless of why a financial institution begins their digital journey, successful financial institutions set a clear strategy from the beginning that will ensure they reach their goals. When planning for digital investment most business objectives align with one of three possible categories, increased efficiency, revenue generation and customer experience. However,

Building Customer Loyalty Through Empathetic AI

Building Customer Loyalty Through Empathetic AI

Since the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, financial institutions have accelerated the launch of digital solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to handle additional traffic to customer service centers and compensate for lost branch revenue.  While these services fill urgent gaps in functionality and provide

Data Governance Is The Key To Solving Customer Problems

Regardless of industry, success in business is all about solving customer problems. Financial institutions and FinTech organizations help their customers solve a range of financial problems in areas like budgeting, money movement, wealth management, auto loans and real estate financing. In order to provide more relevant products and experiences they

Gauging Your Financial Institution’s Digital Maturity

Gauging Your Financial Institution’s Digital Maturity

To be successful with digital transformation financial institutions need to take a step back and evaluate their digital maturity, especially the extent to which they are driven by data and focused on solving real problems.    Financial institutions need to start by determining where they fall on the digital maturity scale. Especially considering that only 13 percent

With Digital Transformation Gaining Traction Within Financial Services, Xtensifi Plays Pivotal Role in Connecting Fintechs and FIs

ATLANTA, June 10, 2021 –As digital transformation within consumer and business banking continues to accelerate, Xtensifi, a digital consulting and development firm that enables fintech organizations, banks and credit unions to create and execute their mobile and online strategies, continues to grow and is now actively managing projects with more than a half dozen different fintech firms and multiple financial

ISO 20022: What Financial Institutions Need to Know, A New Era for Global Payments 

ISO 20022: A New Era for Global Payments 

There are big changes on the horizon for the payments industry as, at the end of this year, global payments messaging will begin a transition to the new ISO 20022 standard. And over the next five years, the new standard will replace the existing patchwork of message formats

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