Xtensifi Releases Online Cash Management Data Migration Tool

Xtensifi, a digital consulting firm that enables financial institutions to create and execute their mobile and online strategies, announced the release of a data migration tool designed specifically for financial institutions migrating between online cash management applications. For banks migrating off one vendor and onto another, Xtensifi’s migration tool enables those

Amazon Web Services AWS

AWS for Financial Technology: Going to Market in Minutes

Fintechs are increasingly finding Amazon Web Services (AWS) to be the perfect vehicle for setting up and going to market quickly and cheaply. AWS provides a fintech everything it needs—networking, multiple layers and segments, and automation capabilities for environment creation, code promotion and other processes—to move from development and testing

What Banks Need To Know About AI

What Banks Need to Know About AI

As AI (artificial intelligence—machine intelligence that mimics human cognitive abilities such as problem-solving and learning) increasingly becomes a part of our daily lives, banks are discovering how AI can improve the customer experience and boost operational efficiency. Some banks may shy away from a technology that seems too big to

Voice Banking Technology is the Channel of the (Near) Future

The conversation surrounding the use of voice banking in financial services has become impossible for institutions to ignore. Consumers of 2018 are relying more and more on digital technology to perform everyday tasks; their fondness for mobile banking continues to grow; and digital assistants such as AlexaTM and SiriTM are

Mobile Payment Solutions: Can Zelle Overtake Venmo?

Banks have been slow to join the P2P (person-to-person) payments party, and while they lagged behind, PayPal’s mobile payment app, VenmoTM, quickly took over the P2P market. Now banks have finally gotten into the game with their new, collaborative P2P fintech innovation, ZelleTM. Zelle was created by Early Warning

Slowly But Surely, Banks Are Moving to Amazon Web Services

As cloud hosting matures and becomes mainstream, many banks are putting aside their early concerns about regulation and security as they realize that cloud hosting can save them significant costs. Banks have discovered how quick and inexpensive it is to set up the necessary architecture for cloud hosting; when it used

Mobile Strategy Partners Changes Name to Xtensifi as Part of Rebranding Effort

  – Specialized consulting firm in digital finance continues focus on offering sound strategic guidance and pioneering software development services to financial institutions and fintech providers – Mobile Strategy Partners (MSP), a digital consulting and development firm that enables financial institutions and fintech providers to create and execute their mobile and online

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